Hue Bridge

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Extending the Hue Bridge – with Homebridge

From the list of products which natively work with Apple Homekit, you will see that all the Hue starter kits contain the Hue Bridge. Its normal function is to act as the interface between the device controller and the other Hue devices on the Mesh network. Which is very straight forward.

However, if you have a Hue Bridge on your network this plugin will enable visibility and control of ZigBee devices such as lights, Sensors, Switches and Plugs.

See below just a few of the devices which can be additionally controlled via this plugin.

Last update was on: 27/01/2021 18:12

Click the button below to get the Homebridge plugin for Hue. All pages will open in new tabs so you will not lose your place.

Hue Bridge
Hue Bridge

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